HEP 2011 - The 2011 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics
21-27 July 2011 - Grenoble, France
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  • EPS-HEP is one of the major international conferences that review every second year the state of our knowledge of the fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions. More than 700 physicists from all continents gathered in 2011 to present and discuss their latest findings. For a full week, results obtained in terrestrial laboratories or
    through observations of the Universe were confronted with the most recent theoretical developments. Advances in particle detection and in acceleration techniques were also presented.

    EPS-HEP 2011 was the first major world conference after extensive operation of the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at an energy of 7 TeV, and one of the last before the final shutdown of the Tevatron collider scheduled in September 2011. Reports of new and potentially exciting observations made at LHC, at other international laboratories and from programs in astroparticle
    physics and cosmology were made. With eleven parallel sessions and an extended poster display, several hundred oral and written contributions were given. On July 23rd, the conference also hosted the traditional joint ECFA-EPS open session that served as the kick-off meeting for the update of the European Strategy in High Energy Physics.

    The conference was held in Grenoble, France, in the Rhône-Alpes region. This region is the home of several major research centers in fundamental and applied scientific research as well as a large and active high-energy physics community. Seven regional laboratories (LPSC, IPAG, ILL, IPNL , LAPP, LAPTh, Institut Néel) carried out the local organization of the conference.


    > EPS-HEP2011 photo gallery : http://lpsc.in2p3.fr/EPS-PHOTOS


    > 2011 EPS-HEP division prizes : http://eps-hepp.web.cern.ch/eps-hepp/


    > Video of the Night of Particles : http://hep2011.insight-outside.fr/video/20110725-la-nuit-des-particules.m4v

    > 46 videos of the joint ECFA-EPS and plenary sessions : http://webcast.in2p3.fr/events-HEP2011


    HEP 2011 is on twitter : EPS_HEP2011

    Important dates

    >> Registration starts    15 February 2011
    >> Start of online submission of abstracts for talks and posters    1st March 2011
    >> Abstract submission deadline    16 May 2011
    >> Early registration fees - payment before    13 June 2011
    >> Conference starts    21 July 2011
    >> Conference ends    27 July 2011
    >> Deadline for submission to proceedings    31 October 2011

    EPS Individual Membership

    >> Individual Members (IM) of the EPS (http://www.eps.org/membership) enjoy a number of benefits, including a reduced EPS HEP conference fee. In 2011 a reduction of 40€ is offered to all conference participants who are or become EPS IMs before registration

    > Conference participants who are not IM members of the EPS are offered the opportunity to join at a reduced cost of 10€ for the first year. Unfortunately, members benefiting from this reduced first-year fee reduction cannot also receive the 40€ fee reduction.

    Press contact
    >> Contact-press@eps-hep2011.eu

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    Satellite conferences

    >> Higgs Hunting 2011, July 28 - 30 - Orsay France

    Last EPS-HEP Conference: Krakow, 2009

    >> http://www.ifj.edu.pl/hep2009/

    Next EPS-HEP Conference: Stockholm, 18-24 July 2013

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