HEP 2011 - The 2011 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics
21-27 July 2011 - Grenoble, France
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    What new secrets have neutrinos revealed? What are the latest discoveries on dark matter and the Higgs boson?
    These themes and more will be explored at the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics - HEP 2011 - which it is expected will be attended by more than 700 physicists from throughout the world. A not to be missed event in the high energy physics calendar, the conference is being organised this year by the High Energy and Particle Physics Division of the EPS (European Physical Society), with the support of the French scientific community, the local authorities and many sponsors.

    Accreditation to the EPS-HEP 2011 conference 

    Please contact: Contact-press@eps-hep2011.eu

    Press conference - LHC and particle physics: latest results and new challenges

    Monday, 25 July 2011  at 1.30 pm French time (CEST) 
    Alpexpo / Espace Alpes Congrès
    (How to get there)

    >> Live webcast available.

    >> The press conference will be held in English and simultaneously translated into French.
    (La conférence de presse, en langue anglaise, fera l'objet d'une traduction simultanée en français.)

    >>  Accreditation, programme and press files : English page - French page 

    EPS-HEP 2011 scientific programme

    Programme snapshot - detailed programme - live webcast

    Press contact


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