HEP 2011 - The 2011 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics
21-27 July 2011 - Grenoble, France
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  • Accommodation
    The HEP 2011 Conference will take place in Grenoble at the same time as the Tour de France. Therefore, accommodation booking may be particularly difficult at this period.
    The Insight Outside agency has selected a large number of 2** and 3*** hotel slots and negotiated special room rates (from 32€ to 146€) during the conference. All the hotels are located either in the city-center or close to the Convention center. They are all accessible by tram.
    A special discount rate (32€ / night) is available in INP Grenoble student residence hall ("la Houille Blanche").
    You will be able to book your accommodation directly while registering on-line.
    Hotel room allocations will be based on availability at time of booking.

    When arriving at Lyon St-Exupéry airport a bus shuttle (Navette aéroport) links Lyon airport to Grenoble center (bus station): hourly departure from Lyon airport from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm (1 hour drive) - Tickets to be bought at airport bus shuttle desk: More information
    From Grenoble to Lyon: hourly departure from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm.
    For any information about bus services from Geneva to Grenoble, use the following web site
    When arriving at Grenoble railway station you are connected to the tram network and all the accommodations which have been booked for the conference.

    Name badges will be distributed on the welcome reception on 20 July and throughout the sessions at the reception desk of the Convention center.
    For security reasons, only the persons wearing conference badges will be allowed access to the Convention center.

    Bike rental
    Grenoble Alpes Métropole offers the opportunity of short-term bike rental with 1450 bikes in the Métrovélo fleet. Make an eco-citizen choice and choose one of the Métrovélo station (Train station or University campus) where you can rent a bike from half-day to a 5 days period.
    More information about Métrovélo

    Credit Cards
    International credit cards (e.g. American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa) are widely accepted in ATMs (cash dispenser), hotels, restaurants and shops.

    EPS Individual Membership
    If you are or if you become an Individual Member of EPS prior to register to EPS-HEP2011 you will benefit from a 40€ fee discount.
    To become an EPS Individual Member please visit the EPS web site : www.eps.org
    If you register to EPS-HEP2011 without being an EPS Individual Member you will be offered - if you wish - the possibility to become an EPS Individual Member after the conference for a reduced cost of 10€ the first year.

    Things to do IN Grenoble
    > La Bastille (Vauban fortress) - More
    > Cabaret frappé (music dance festival) - More
    > Tous fous du Tour de France (cycling) - More
    > Expo Supra (science exhibition) - La Casemate - More
    > Hannibal (history exhibition) - Musée Dauphinois - More
    > Musée Archéologique (archaeological museum) - More
    > More to do
    Things to do NEAR Grenoble:
    > Festival d’Avignon (theatre festival) - More
    Visit the tourist information web sites:
    > Lyon
    > Valence
    > Chambéry
    > Annecy
    > Les Ecrins (south of Grenoble)

    Conference lectures and proceedings will be conducted in English.

    Lunches are not included in the registration fees. You will be able to order lunches for every day of the conference when registering to the social programme. The fees will have to be paid at the Convention center on site. The final cost of lunch will vary from 7 to 15€ according to the final order made on site).

    Parallel session contributions (talk or poster)
    > Each parallel session talk or poster corresponds to a "contribution" on the agenda. Please check yours on the Indico server:  "contribution list" tab in the menu on the left hand side. For parallel session talks, this will indicate the date and time of your presentation.
    > The file you will present (slides or poster) should be uploaded to your contribution in Indico, preferably no later than the day before it will be presented. Please note that the PDF format is required. If it is completely impossible to provide your presentation in PDF format, please, get in touch with either the EPS HEP 2011 Indico team or with the scientific secretaries well in advance of your presentation. The uploading of your file requires you to have an Indico account (an email was sent to the presenters to this end at the time of the abstract acceptance).
    > In case of trouble, please get in touch with the EPS HEP 2011 timetable team by email. In urgent situations, get directly in touch with the scientific secretaries of your session (they are present in the conference rooms during the sessions) and provide them with your file on a USB key.

    Payment of registration fees
    The following forms of payment are accepted:
    > 1. Credit card. This is the recommended form, for speed and efficiency reasons.
    > 2. Bank check payable to "Agent comptable secondaire du CNRS". The check should be sent, along with a copy of the "pré-bon de commande" to: Agent comptable secondaire du CNRS, 25 rue des Martyrs, BP 166 - 38042 Grenoble cedex France.
    Note: the "pré-bon de commande" is sent to you via e-mail once you select "payment by check" during the registration process.
    > 3. Bank transfer to the attention of "Agent comptable secondaire du CNRS" using the account information specified on the "pré-bon de commande". To facilitate the bank transfer identification, please indicate in the bank transfer the BC number (numéro BC in French) specified in the box labelled "Références" . All costs associated with the bank transfer should be born by the sender.
    Note: the "pré-bon de commande" is sent to you via e-mail once you select "payment by bank transfer" during the registration process.

    Poster Display & Poster Prizes
    > The poster session is an essential component of the EPS HEP conference. Posters are both a good complement to the oral presentations in the parallel sessions and a a good opportunity for exposure for younger colleagues. This year, a total of up to 200 posters will be on display, and each poster will be guaranteed a 2 page contribution in the conference proceedings.
    > Beginning with this year's conference, the organizers are establishing three "poster prizes", which will consist in a certificate and a symbolic cash award. Nominations for the prizes will be made by the session conveners, the Local Organizing Committee and the International Organizing Committee.
    The prizes will be awarded on Wednesday July 27. The posters will be on display at the conference center for the entire duration of the conference: poster installation will commence on Thursday July 21 in the morning, while the dismounting will take place on Wednesday July 27 in the afternoon.
    > The poster format is strictly portrait A0. Participants are kindly asked to bring with them a A0 printed copy of their posters as no poster printers will be available at the conference. To conform to the rules of the conference center, poster fixations will be provided to the participants at the location of the display. Personal fixation mechanisms cannot be used.
    Participants in the poster session will soon be invited to upload an electronic version of their posters [in pdf format] on the conference indico site for public remote access. The abstract numbers on indico will also serve as the poster ID numbers which will mark the poster display location.

    Press contact

    Pre-registration on CNRS Azur Colloque platform is mandatory. The registration to the lunches, evenings, social programme and hotel reservation is available after receiving your personal password. More information can be found on the registration page.
    Registration fee refund policy:
    Requests for refunds of the registration fees can be sent to eps-hep2011@eps-hep2011.eu. No requests for registration fee refunds will be accepted after Jul 4, 2011.
    If the request is accepted, then the registration fees will be refunded as follows:
    > If the fees were paid by credit card, and within a period of 60 days following the payment, the refund will be made directly on the credit card.
    > In all other cases, CNRS will refund the registration fees through a bank transfer. All costs associated with the transfer will be born by the beneficiary.

    Soccer tournament
    A recreational soccer tournament will be organized during the conference. The playoffs will take place on Friday 22 at 19:30 at the Gières stadium (plaine des sports de Gières).
    The final will be played in Stade des Alpes at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, July 26 just before the conference banquet.
    We encourage participants to start to form eight mixed teams (juniors, seniors, males & females) of up to 15 players (11 on the field and up to 4 substitutes). If you feel interested, please indicate it on the social programme form.
    Players will be asked to play with sneakers only (no cleats) in order to minimize the risk of injury. Jerseys will be provided.
    Women and men locker rooms equipped with showers will be made available.

    Taxis grenoblois
    Tel: +33 476 54 42 54

    Tourist office

    The tourist office can provide you with informations about Grenoble and the surroundings.
    Opening times: from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:30 pm, on Sunday, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
    14 rue de la République - 38000 Grenoble
    Tel: +33 4 76 42 41 41

    Transports to the various venues of the conference are to be made on your own. They are all connected to the tram network.
    Alpes Congrès - Alpexpo: line A / Station: Pôle Sud - Alpexpo
    EVE – Amphi Louis Weil on University Campus: Tram A or C / Station: Bibliothèques universitaires
    Stade des Alpes: Tram C / Station: Grenoble Hôtel de Ville
    More information about local transports on www.semitag.com

    HEP 2011 is on twitter : EPS_HEP2011

    Please check here if you are not sure you will need a visa.
    A letter of invitation can be provided upon request for the registered conference participants, please write to visa@eps-hep2011.eu

    > This year's EPS HEP conference promises to be a big success. Indeed, the number of registered participants is very high, while several new physics results are expected.
    > Over the past two weeks the Local Organizing Committee has received numerous calls for last-minute help with securing accommodation during the EPS HEP conference, especially for the Saturday joint ECFA-EPS session. The combination of the very large number of participants and the Tour de France [a cycling competition that draws large public crowds] in coincidence with the joint session on Saturday has made getting a convenient hotel booking for Friday and Saturday quite difficult. Even if so far all the requests for accommodation could be met, in view of possible further last-minute requests it was decided to organize a webcast of the joint ECFA-EPS session on Saturday. More information can be found here. After discussing the matter with the International Organizing Committee, it was decided to exceptionally extend the webcast into the following week for the plenary sessions as well.

  • For further information

    Social programme & Accommodation Registration & Local Organization
    39 chemin du vieux chêne
    F-38240 Meylan
    Tel : +33 (0)825 595 525 (0,15€/min*)
    Fax: +33 (0)4 38 38 18 19
    Email: hep2011@insight-outside.fr
    Web site: http://www.insight-outside.fr

    Information desk
    monday to friday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm
    HEP 2011 Conference
    LPSC - 53 rue des Martyrs
    38026 Grenoble cedex France

    Contact: Johann COLLOT
    Tel: +33 4 76 28 40 19
    Email: eps-hep2011@eps-hep2011.eu

  • (*) Prices starting from fixed line incumbent, a surcharge may be applied by operators, counting the second after the first 45 seconds.

    According to France's Personal Data Privacy Act in effect since June 2004, you may send a request in writing to INSIGHT OUTSIDE 39 chemin du vieux chêne, 38240 Meylan / France, or by email webmaster@insight-outside.fr to access your file in order to consult, modify and/or delete your personal information.

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